10 Hijabis Who are Major Style Goals

10 Hijabis Who are Major Style Goals

With the rise of modest fashion, comes the many fashionistas to go with it. Even the media and designers hopping on the bandwagon, from Dior to Fenty. Here are some of our favourites you should follow for some style inspiration!

1. Leena Al Ghouti (@leenalghouti)

On the top of our list we have Leena Al Ghouti, a Middle Eastern style influencer. Breaking the stereotypical image of Arab women's fashion of abayas and kaftans with her array of street wear. She's even featured in 2017's September issue of Vogue Arabria. If you're into streetstyle, Leena is one star to look for for inspiration.


2. Arinna Erin (@arinna.erin)

Having modeled for a number of online stores, Arinna is one star who can't be missed. Often seen choosing comfort without compromising style, this quirky Malaysian beauty is surely one we can relate to! 



3. Ruma Begum (@rumastyles)

Ruma is a Bengali beauty! Usually seen styling baggy clothes and jackets, we feel that her variety of hijab styles amplifies her outfits tenfold. She also incorporates some elements of her culture in her outfits as seen on her Instagram. 


4. Fatima Abdallah (@allthingsfatima)

Looking at her Instagram, Fatima is seen changing up her style quite a bit. Sometimes going for a more chic elegant look and sometimes a more edgy casual look. She also showcases some lookbooks and tutorials on her YouTube channel. Definitely a fashionista you should look out for! 



5. Nawal (@nawalsari)

Another street style queen, Nawal is a style influencer from down under. Often seen mixing elements of street style with more feminine pieces such as this knotted top she's wearing, her closet is definitely goals!


6. Khairunnisa Lee (@khairunnisa.lee)

Khairunnisa has been popping up so much online, from doing tutorials to modelling . Mostly showcasing her outfit of the day, Khairunnisa's instagram feed is aesthetic goals! Often pairing the unexpected together and making it work, this part chinese fashionista is clearly worth the follow.


7. Farah (@lilfaraaaah

Farah is a Malaysian queen of minimalism. Often putting together a monotonous outfit with clean lines and simple makeup. Her instagram feed is so well put together, it's just pleasing to the eyes. This beauty is also a model for her own brand of shawls - Scarf by Farah. We wish we could pull of the minimal look without looking too selekeh!


8. Nabihah (@nbhha

Often seen styling unconventional items together to create a masterpiece of an outfit. She's also known for "hijabifying" an otherwise "immodest" clothing item, such as corsets or lace camisoles. Wearing pieces we can only dream of pulling off! Nabihah is one cool chick you should unquestionably give a follow! Of and did we mention that her Instagram feed is GOALS!


9. Eileen Lahi (@eslimah

Eileen is an Estonian revert currently living and teaching in Qatar. Eileen's wardrobe consists of softer tones and more relaxed silhouette, radiating serenity and elegance. Her editing skills are also 10/10, turning an unassumingly okay photo into an amazing one! Teach us master!


10. Halima Aden (@halima

 Last but not least Halima Aden, a refugee turned model. This Somali beauty has overcome so many feats. Such as being the first hijabi participant in a US pagent, walked for Yeezy in the New York Fashion week and of course Fenty Beauty's campaign shoot. She's definitely an inspiration to us all.


Of course these ladies are just a speck of the millions of inspirational women and hijabis out there. Comment below your favourite that we missed! We would love to know.

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