How we started: It all started with $200 and a dream

For as long as I can remember, I have always dreamt of one day being my own boss and being able to work from home. I mean who wouldn't want to right?

Being a recent graduate last year, I started looking for my first full time job. For months I went for interviews after interviews and received no call backs (I've never had any luck with jobs). With so much time wasted and my bank account draining out (I was left with only $200), I knew that I had to do something soon. Then one day it just came to me, I should try opening my own shop! I knew it was a big risk doing so as there's always a chance of failure, which I faced first hand in the past. But with my boyfriend supporting me, I went ahead with the idea.

With months of planning, sourcing for reliable suppliers, blood, sweat and tears, Khayeera was born. And Alhamdullilah, Khayeera is still up and running for almost 6 months now with 23 successful weekly preorders as of today.

So ladies (and gents), if you have a dream, just go for it! Don't be afraid to fail as with failure comes lessons which teaches you what to improve on.


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