5 Beauty Tips on a Budget

5 Beauty Tips on a Budget

Nowadays, makeup products can cost us an arm and a leg. So we decided to share a few tips from our own personal experience which might be beneficial for you!

Here's 5 beauty tips if you are on a budget:

1. Affordable Makeup Brushes

We all know how costly makeup brushes are and buying a whole set might leave a hole in your pocket! If you're a makeup junkie (or not), you don't have to spend a lot on makeup brushes. This set of 10 brushes costs less than $10! I've personally used this and I must say that it's really soft and does its job. Not to mention it's made of synthetic fiber so it's Muslim and vegan friendly. You can get it here or browse the website and find even better deals! Just make sure you read product reviews before purchasing to avoid dealing with incompetent sellers.


2. The Wonders of Lipstick

Ahh, who wouldn't love a good multi-purpose beauty product? I sure do. And one of my favourites would definitely be lipstick. The many uses of lipstick is surely not new or unknown, in fact it has been around for decades! Many women use it as blusher too. I personally love using lipstick as a cream eyeshadow. I find that it blends so well especially if you just use your fingers. There's also an endless array of lipstick shades nowadays so you would be spoilt for choice! 

3. Charcoal Peeling Face Mask

I've been using this product for years now and I swear by this! It removed all the nasty things from my skin/pores leaving it super soft. It also makes makeup application much smoother! For only $2 it doesn't hurt to try right? With the current hype of charcoal face masks, it might be difficult to get your hands on this but once do, you wont regret it. Here's instructions on how to use it.

PS; If you have sensitive skin or have a low pain threshold, I won't recommend this to you.

4. Makeup Brushes Alternatives

One day while walking through an art supply shop, it suddenly clicked to me "why can't we use art brushes for makeup? I mean it's essentially the same thing right?"
So I bought a few, and guess what? It works just as well and costs only a fraction of the price! As usual I would always go for synthetic brushes. So if you're particular like me and unsure about the material of the brushes, don't hesitate to ask :) Browse around your local art supply shop and find the brushes you need. If you are based in Singapore, I recommend Artfriend as they have a wide range of brushes for you to choose from! If you need a guide, you can click here or here

5. Makeup Remover

I learnt this during chemistry, oil removes oil. And makeup essentially contains oil right? So I tested this out at home after school that day with some baby oil and omg it even removed my waterproof eyeliner and mascara, no more expensive makeup wipes/removers for me! Olive oil and coconut oil works too. Just make sure the oil doesn't irritate your eyes and skin.

That's all for now. We would like to hear your beauty tip! Follow us on twitter and tell us whats your beauty tip on a budget :)


Disclaimer: Khayeera is not in anyway affiliated or sponsored by anyone mentioned in this post. Everything written is from personal experience and in no means should it be taken as professional advise.
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