Relaunching Khayeera??

Relaunching Khayeera??

There are many reasons as to why we chose to relaunch Khayeera. The main being that we are tired of seeing numerous online shops renaming and reselling the same thing. 

So after months of sketching, designing and planning, we are excited to announce our first ever self manufactured collection! Featuring 2 trends that we LOVE, co-ords and lace-up details. We are still designing as we speak and hope to bring a whole range of self-manufactured apparels to you! And what's even better? We source ethically produced fabric and our clothes are not manufactured in a sweatshop! So you can definitely shop guilt free 

We would like to give special thanks to everyone who helped us along the way, including our photographer (@nadventures), makeup artist (@illyalifah_makeup) and not forgeting our beautiful models. May God bless your kindness and reward you tenfold.

Let us know what you think of our new look! We love getting feedback which helps us improve (good or bad). Follow us on Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates!


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